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Step 1 : Choose what vratha Pooja you want from below

Step 2 : For Payment Call me or text me in Whatsapp.(Whatapp number and Phone number given below).

Step 3 : Send me the screenshot of the payment in my whatsapp

Step 4 : Choose the day and time you want.

(You can choose the Vratha Pooja with or without materials and also with number of priests you want.)

Varalakshmi Vratam

This vratha pooja is done basically to increase our suwarna kadaksh in our family, people basically do this to improve thier financial income, to increase their assest, to pay and finish their debts, to increase their sales and conversion in their business and for other reason to get a perfect girl for the groom to get married soon.

Anantha Padmanabha Vratham

This Vratha is done to sri maha vishnu to obtain long and healthy life, to gain the lost properties in a period of time, to have bliss and serenity in marriage, to lead a happy and peaceful life, and to have body, mind and soul aligned towards moksha.

Satyanarayana vratam

Sathyanarayana Vratham clears all the obstacles and negative energies around us. It will help a person to get victory or success, acquire wealth and prosperity and also brings harmony to family and success in life.

Sashti vratham

this vratha is basically done to win over all our enemies, clear all kinds of obstacles, destroy our competition, to get rid of office politics and win anyone with the power of speech.

Gowri vrtham

This vratha is performed to appease Parvathi Devi. It is performed by married women to keep their husband healthy and safe. While unmarried women perform this pooja to get a good husband.It is also performed by newly wed couple to have happy married life and for the long life of the husband.

  • Mani Maran

    22 April, 2020

    They are very cheap compared to many websites, oh God they're really very economical in their price

  • Karthik

    22 june, 2020

    The quality of the Pooja is amazing, they do pooja step by step without any compromise that like sankalpa is very different.

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