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Step 1 : Choose the Homam you want from below.

Step 2 : For Payment call or whatsapp me (Whatapp number and phone number given below)

Step 3 : After the payment, send me the screenshot in my whatsapp. (Whatapp number given below)

Step 4 : We will select a good muhurtha and get your homam done.

(You can customize the homam package by with or without materials and no. of priests)

Ayush Homam

Ayush Homam is a ritual or fire worship which is espcially done on the birthday. This ayush homam can also be done on a person's janma nakshatra dina in the Janma month.

This Homam is done to have a good and long life, to get rid of all the serious health ailments, to lead a happy life. It is also performed for rejuvenation, vitality and longevity. This homam will induce positive impact on the mind and mental health of a person.

Thila Homam

Honoring Ancestors is part of the Hindu Tradition as we all believe that we are connected with our Ancestors We perform thila homam for the last 3 generations of your people of both the sides and also for people who are resting because of accident, murder, suicide in your Family. Their Soul doesn't rest & it suffers in 28 hells. We also do homam for all the souls of their lineage trapped in the 28 hells individually.

Thila homam will clear the ancestors who have had unnatural death like sucide, accidents and murder. This homam will take 4 to 5 hours to complete and it is done by 8 priests.

Chatru Samhara Homam

Lord Kartikeya is the exterminator of all evil forces in the universe. He protects and keeps evil eyes, planets, and ancestors away from his devotees.Doing this homam will shield and protect us against evil eyes, curses of Gods, planets, and ancestors.

It improves family relationships and removes boredom, unwanted fear, and mental blocks. This Homam is basically done to win over all our enemies, clear all kinds of obstacles, destroy our competition, to get rid of office politics and win anyone with the power of speech.

Sarpa Shanthi Homam

Sarpa or serpents is represented as kundalini in the humans beings. So the blocks in the Kundali is represented as Sarpa dosham. this manifests as psychiatric problems, seeing the spiritis or aparitions and also having obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD. This homam can be done on janma nakshtra. The clearence is fast and the impact is huge. if the problems is huge then the sarpa homam ritual needs repition or It should be done in tandem with Thila homam

Shanthi Homam

This homam is basically done to make the god peaceful in turn where our doshas and shapas in our horscope will be relieved.This homam can be customized and can be done for various deities according to your horoscope

  • Mani Maran

    22 April, 2020

    They are very cheap compared to many websites, oh God they're really very economical in their price

  • Karthik

    22 june, 2020

    The quality of the Pooja is amazing, they do pooja step by step without any compromise that like sankalpa is very different.

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