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( along with the seventh phera they have become husband and wife uniting their soul. )


What Makes A Perfect Hindu Wedding?

Have you ever wondered about the essence of a perfect Hindu wedding? Is there is an one? Are there any rituals that you can’t get rid of? Curious to know the answers?

A typical Hindu wedding ceremony includes the following rituals. These ritual steps vary from community to community.

-Swayamvara- which is an old Hindu tradition, where the bride demands a groom from her father.

-Kanyadan (giving away of daughter by father) follows Swayamvara. A girl has the right to choose her own groom within three days after the Swayamvara.

-Panigrahana(Taking of bridegroom's hand) follows Kanyadan.

-Angapradakshina(Circumbulating around the sacred fire or Apasrasi), this ritual makes the wedding official before God and people. Circumbulations is done for seven times. Each round will signify


    Shashyathpath poorthi - 60th Marriage

    Shashti Poorti, will be a most auspicious occasion to celebrate the 60th birthday of a male in the Hindu community. A wonderful tradition and ceremony,

    which has been modified by some communities to include a renewal of marital vows of the couple. This is also known as Shashti Abda Poorti or Ugraratha Santi to some other (dharmic) communities. Some practices have incorporated the 60th birthday. As per the Hindu culture, the age sixty is of great significance because it is considered as a turning point in a man’s life for at this age one has usually fulfilled his commitments to family and home and so he can turn his mind to spirituality. We can say that, the period before he reached sixty is defined by materialistic pursuits and thereafter it is to be defined by his strive towards spiritualism.

    bheema ratha shanthi - 70th Marriage & vijaya ratha shanthi

    Bhima-Ratha-Santhi Homam ceremony is done when one completes 70th birthday and vijayaratha shanthi when one completes 75 years. The date and time of Ayul Shanthi Homam ceremony is determined based on the calculation of Nakshatra.

    Beyond all difficulties (Bhima), never depleted (Ratha) and nothing in excess (Santhi) as they symbolize balance in life. Bhima-Ratha-Santhi by name, also represents qualities that we desire in our lives day in and out, which help us live a life that is full of peace, prosperity and harmony. These Mantras are chanted during the Santhu Laksharchana sessions to bring good things into our lives like health, happiness, wealth, prosperity etc. for good

    Worship for longevity and health

  • Prayers for longevity of children and happiness of the family

    For financial strength for the whole family and for individual

    To avert planetary afflictions like Doshas, Mangal Dosha, Sade Sati etc.

  • Sathabhishekam - 80th Marriage

    Sathabhishekam: A Ritual marking a Couple’s 1000th Month of Marriage. Sathabhishekam, or the 1000th month celebrations mark a couple’s passage of 1000 full moons in their marriage. It is usually performed seven to eight months after a couple celebrates their 80th birthday. A lot about life can change in 1000 months. So many new things happen, so many new hopes and dreams are born and fulfilled, so many lessons are learned. Sathabhishekam is the time to rejoice in this wonderful process of maturing together and to reaffirm the commitment to each other on this journey.

    Kanakabhishekam - 90th Marriage

    Once in life a great grandson of the fourth generation offers special puja to his 1st great grandparents (the son and mother) and inaugurates the family. As a part of this ceremony, Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi are invoked by offering special poojas with all the sacred materials.

    His true power unites with the deity to bless his parents for all times to come, so that his parents lead a harmonious family life without any problems…

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