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Horoscope Reading

15 Minutes - ₹500

30 Minutes - ₹1000

Step : 1 - Choose the product you want from below.

step : 2 -Click the pay button, pay me and send me the screenshot in my whatsapp. (Whatapp number given below)

step : 3 - Send Your Details in My Whatsapp Number.

Step : 4 -We can have your consultation within 12 - 24 hours of payment done.

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Your natal horoscope might help you figure out your fate. Only horoscope readings can assist you in deciphering your life's pattern.

You can ask any inquiry or clear any doubts you have regarding your work, wealth, health , married life or any other personal matter that your horoscope today will be used to analyze.

You can contact the astrologer right away via Whatsapp video call, phone call or through any other options. They also offer a horoscope reading in Tamil.

We will give you the recording of your consultation in the whatsapp chat with what questions you asked and what are the answers and remedies given , after your consultation is done.

  • Raghu

    22 Nov, 2020

    He just completed my session quickly, but it was extremely effective and honest; it was the best consultation I've ever had.

  • Revathi

    05 Dec, 2020

    His way of solving is very unique, I'm sure all can get guidance from him, he solves all types of problems.

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